Handcrafted 925 sterling silver ring with real moonstone and intricate silver band featuring a row of silver beads on each side.

Indah Ring


• Moonstone
• 925 sterling silver
• Different sizes available
• Handcrafted in Bali
• Each stone is unique, therefore its colour may vary slightly

About the ring
The 925 sterling silver ring “Indah” features a beautiful moonstone in teardrop shape set onto an intricate ring band with a row of silver beads on each side. Representing the feminine energy and the soothing energy of the moon, the moonstone brings calm, peace, and balance. The striking yet elegant design of the ring will make you feel stunning.

Information about the moonstone
Your moonstone may have small inclusions in its surface. These are normal and are part of the characteristic appearance of the moonstone. These small cracks are also called centipedes.

How can I find out my size?
Click here to view our Ring Size Chart.

Care instructions
Remove your jewelry before exercising, washing your hands or showering. Always apply perfumes, creams and hair care products before wearing. Due to oxidation and wear, your sterling silver jewelry may tarnish over time. Regular cleanings with a dry soft cloth or polishing cloth will keep your jewelry looking like new. If the polishing cloth doesn’t remove all the tarnish, wash your jewelry in warm water with a few drops of mild dish washing liquid.

SAYA supports Indonesian Artisans
Each piece is carefully hand-crafted by our talented artisans, who are adequately rewarded for their incredible work.
We are proud to collaborate with local communities and let ourselves be inspired by fascinating cultures, to create unique accessories for the wild-hearted away from mass-production and the mainstream.


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