There are several ways to determine your ring size.
In the following we would like to introduce you to the two most common ones.

1. Take an already fitting ring and measure the inner area (the inner diameter in the center) with a ruler. You can then assign your result (in millimeters) to the appropriate ring size in the table.
If your exact ring size is not listed – don’t panic! The differences between the individual ring sizes are minimal and if you measure ring size 55, for example, then ring size 54 or 56 should also fit you for the same finger.

2. Take a strip of paper and wrap it lengthwise around your finger at the exact spot where you want to wear the ring. Make sure the strip is not too loose. You can also ask a second person help you to hold the strip. Mark the end of the overlap with a straight line. Measure the marked length. The result in millimeters is your ring size.